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DATE 2024 Awards

EDAA Achievement Award 2024

Ingrid Verbauwhede, KU Leuven, BE

IEEE CEDA Service Award

Ian O’Connor, École Centrale de Lyon, FR

IEEE CS TTTC Outstanding Contribution Award

Andy D. Pimentel, University of Amsterdam, NL


Lukas Burgholzer, TU Munich, DE


Matteo Risso, Politecnico di Torino, IT


EDAA Outstanding Dissertation Awards

Topic 1 – New directions in systems design methods and tools, simulation and validation, embedded software design and optimization for embedded, cyber-physical, secure and learning systems

Stefan Nikolic, EPFL, CH (Advisor: Prof. Paolo Ienne, EPFL, CH)

Automating the Design of Programmable Interconnect for Reconfigurable Architectures -

Topic 2 – New directions in SoC platforms co-design, novel architectures for future computing in design flows, and power management


Topic 3 – New directions in logic, physical design and CAD for analog/mixed-signal, nano-scale and emerging technologies

Nan Wu, UC Santa Barbara, US (Advisor: Prof. Yuan Xie, UC Santa Barbara, US)

Machine Learning Empowered Agile Hardware Design and Design Automation

Topic 4 – New directions in safety, reliability and security-aware hardware design, validation and test

Zhixin Pin, University of Florida, US (Advisor: Prof. Prabhat Mishra, University of Florida, US)

Defending Systems Against Malicious Attacks using Machine Learning

DATE Fellow Award

Ian O´Connor, École Centrale de Lyon, FR

For outstanding service contribution for DATE as General Chair of DATE 2023.

DATE Best Paper Awards


Xueyuan Liu1, Zhuoran Song1, Guohao Dai1, Gang Li1, Can Xiao2, Yan Xiang2, Dehui Kong2, Ke Xu2 and Xiaoyao Liang1

1Shanghai Jiao Tong University, CN; 2Sanechips Technology, CN

FusionArch: A Fusion-Based Accelerator for Point-Based Point Cloud Neural Networks (Session BPA04 Novel Architecture Solutions)


Matteo Risso1, Chen Xie1, Francesco Daghero1, Alessio Burrello2, Seyedmorteza Mollaei1, Marco Castellano3, Enrico Macii1, Massimo Poncino1 and Daniele Jahier Pagliari1

1Politecnico di Torino, IT; 2Politecnico di Torino | Università di Bologna, IT; 3STMicroelectronics, IT

HW-SW Optimization of DNNs for Privacy-preserving People Counting on Low-resolution Infrared Arrays (Session BPA01 Better Machine Learning)


Yujin Lim, Dongwhee Kim and Jungrae Kim, Sungkyunkwan University, KR

SELCC: Enhancing MLC Reliability and Endurance with Single-Cell Error Correction Codes (Session BPA02 Reliability and Optimizations)


Yifeng Xiao1, Chanwook Oh1, Michele Lora2 and Pierluigi Nuzzo1

1University of Southern California, US; 2Università di Verona, IT

Efficient Exploration of Cyber-Physical System Architectures Using Contracts and Subgraph Isomorphism (Session BPA04 Novel Architecture Solutions)

Outstanding Reviewer Awards

for contributing most valuable reviews for submitted papers, by giving insightful and constructive feedback to the authors, timely submitting manuscript reviews as well as consistent and timely engagement through the selection process, including both online discussion and TPC meeting.


Todor Stefanov, Leiden University, NL

Alejandro Valero, Universidad de Zaragoza, ES


Michael Pehl, Technical University of Munich, DE

Giovanni Amedeo Cirillo, STMicroelectronics, IT


Harish Dixit, Meta Platforms Inc., US

Riccardo Cantoro, Politecnico di Torino, IT


Hadjer Benmeziane, IBM Research, CH

Mohammad Ashjaei, Mälardalen University, SE

Young People Programme University Fair Award

Marc Solé Bonet1, Ivan Rodriguez Ferrandez2, Dimitris Aspetakis1, Jannis Wolf1, Matina Maria Trompouki1and Leonidas Kosmidis2


Hardware and Software Designs for High Performance and Reliable Space Processing


We would like to thank the jury who carefully reviewed all presentations and selected the winner.

Hassan Najafi, Antonio Miele, Marcello Traiola, Angeliki Kritikakou, Jose Cano Reyes, Li Zhang

ASD Outstanding Paper Award

in line with the DATE Special Initiative "Autonomous Systems Design"

Justin Davis and Mehmet Belviranli, Colorado School of Mines, US

Context-aware Multi-Model Object Detection for Diversely Heterogeneous Compute Systems

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EDAA Achievement Award 2024 goes to Ingrid Verbauwhede

Ingrid VerbauwhedeThe Achievement Award is given to individuals who made outstanding contributions to state of the art in electronic design, automation and testing of electronic systems in their life. To be eligible, candidates must have made innovative contributions that impacted how electronic systems are being designed.

Past recipients have been Kurt ANTREICH (2003), Hugo DE MAN (2004), Jochen JESS (2005), Robert BRAYTON (2006), Tom W. WILLIAMS (2007), Ernest S. KUH (2008), Jan M. RABAEY (2009), Daniel D. GAJSKI (2010), Melvin A. BREUER (2011), Alberto L. SANGIOVANNI-VINCENTELLI (2012), Peter MARWEDEL (2013), Rolf ERNST (2014), Lothar THIELE (2015), Giovanni DE MICHELI (2016), C. L. David LIU (2017), Mary Jane IRWIN (2018), Jacob ABRAHAM (2019), Luca BENINI (2020), Georges GIELEN (2021), Edward A. LEE (2022), and Jason Cong (2023).

Dr. Ingrid Verbauwhede is currently a full professor in the research group COSIC at KU Leuven and an adjunct professor at UCLA. She is recognized as a pioneer in hardware security. She is an expert in interdisciplinary research linking design for security with novel technologies and circuits as well as in investigating the requirements of novel cryptographic algorithms on secure hardware and HW/SW co-design. Her ability to cross the gap between cryptographic algorithm and protocol development, and actual implementation in hardware, software, and embedded systems has been widely recognized. In fact, she has made outstanding contributions, resulting in highly cited work, in several key aspects of EDA: electronic design for security, design automation and integration of security in digital EDA design flows, and test for security, with a focus on attacks and countermeasures to resist side-channel and fault attacks. Her work's application covers ASICs, FPGAs, and embedded microcontrollers. She has more than 450 publications in international journals and conferences and, according to Google Scholar, she has more than 30000 citations and an overall H-index of 90.

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DATE 2025 offers numerous opportunities to get in contact with the DATE community and to advertise novel solutions.

DATE 2025 is the perfect opportunity to present and communicate your technological and business capabilities to scientific, industrial and commercial audiences at one single European event. All companies, institutions, universities, initiatives and projects that are linked to DATE as promotion partners or sponsors benefit from the additional visibility of their corporate identity, their products, services, expertise and cause.

The DATE 2025 promotion & sponsorship opportunities brochure gives you and idea of what  DATE 2025 can offer. Tailor-made packages can be arranged to suit your special requests. Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and ideas.

We would be delighted to welcome you among our promotion partners and sponsors at DATE, and to welcome you in Lyon for an interesting programme and effective networking.

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